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Please don't tell my husband, I'm taking over the house. Even though, I think he has pretty much figured this out, I'm not going to acknowledge it. :)

Remember this studio? This little room is supposed to be a workshop/tool storage room. It's off the side of out garage and is a funny shape. It's six feet wide and probably 20 feet long. It was Niks office, then my making and glazing studio, then...

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  I told you this one is going to be a tricky re organization to get everything to fit. I love stations. I like to have a station for each of my "usual" jobs. That way I don't have to clean a surface off to start something new. I love to re-use and the doors from my first quilt market boothhave become table tops. I think I have six in all. So I have put most of the furniture in. Now I am going to...

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Monday!, ugh...ugh, fighting a sinus infection here and not feeling so great. I also have some news that is probably going to disappoint some folks. Might as well deliver it as I am already feeling crummy.

I am closing the gallery. Over the past year I have found that I am not needing that much space. Katie, my employee, had an adorable baby Juniper, so she has been with me as much, and to tell...

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  Hello, Hello,

Man, I have been meaning to blog all week but the batteries were dead in my camera. I could never do a post without a picture. It took me until today to remember to charge them. But now they are good to go. I quickly snapped a few shots around the studio for this post. I'm going to take more pictures later today and then I will be good to go for blogging again.

So what's up? Happy...

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They are coming! Yippee... I wanted to have one of those countdown clocks telling you exactly how many weeks, days, minutes,etc. that were left until the first project would go out. But it turns out, I am having some java script issues. It's not serious...I'm going to be alright. :)

I am going to do it the old fashion way. October 6th is the day! That means there are only 27 days until they start!...

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