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Hey Hey! I am back. How on earth did it get to be Friday? Well first of all, there was a typo in my last post, I guess I said I had sick kids and really I just had one sick kid. Not that , that's any better. So the first part of the week was getting Fletcher all better. Thanks for every one's e-mails.

Yesterday I had a trip to Atlanta to pick up clay and shipping supplies. My car was loaded down,...

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Coralina Bracelet

Look at these great jewelry designs. These were all done by the folks at Fusion Beads. I was shopping a few weeks ago at their site and came across the Coralina color collection. I loved the coral and turquoise together. I got to poking around and I saw they had used one of my pinwheel beadsin a bracelet. I was super excited. If you don't already know Fusion has loads of...

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Hey Hey, just a quick post today and then I am off to make beads. I have gotten some requests for the pinwheel beads that were in the Beading Daily e-mail on Friday. The project is here that Katie Hacker designed. Any who you can find all of my pinwheels and coordinating beads at Fusion Beads.
Have a great Day,

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I am sooooo excited! My new fall beads are officially up on the Fusion Beads website. Yahoo! This is the only place you will find these beads. If you haven't shopped at Fusion before, you should give them a try. They always have free shipping, they carrying a huge amount of beads, and they are super nice.

They even have a cool project featuring my new beads called "Flamenco Fever", how cool is...

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