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My new "Pickles The Elephant" sewing pattern just came out this week! Elephants usually go wild for peanuts but you can guess what this elephant likes. So I figure if your sewing up Pickles the Elephant, she might need some pickles as well. Here's the free tutorial and you can print the PDF version here.

Supplies Needed: 

4" x 6" rectangles of green felt, a lighter green embroidery floss, a sewing...

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I've ben so busy with Quilt Market prep and Holiday newsletters that  haven't had time to tell you about my two new sewing patterns. Yikes! I am so excited about them. I have two new patterns and they are shipping now. First is Pickles the Elephant. 

Most elephants are crazy for peanuts but this little guy is crazy for pickles. Pickles stands about 8 inches tall. If you want to make pickles of...

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