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Good morning y'all...

Just wanted to give you a bit of a store update. I am knee deep in getting it ready. I have projects all over my home and studio. I don't know which way I am going there are so many things to do. Is it scary that my lists are now being written in a 11" x 14" notebook because it's the only thing big enough for it all?

I am bringing my camera to the studio tomorrow and I will...

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Hey,'s coming together. I am so excited on how it's turning out. There is so much going on with web updates, sign permits, credit card services...oh I could go on and on, it's going to be awhile before there is something to sell in this place.

But for now here is a tour of my very pretty but empty store. The picture up top is of my new counter. Built it all by myself. Behind the counter is...

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Happy Monday morning to You! Oh boy what a weekend. Saturday was my birthday. Since it was my day, well really my weekend, I asked all the boys to help me work on the new shop. I had lots of building and fixing that needed to be done. They were all things I was avoiding and I figured with some help we could knock them out. Well we did and I got a new floor for the gallery. I also bought some...

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