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Simply Beads Copyright 2008

The latest issue of Simply Beadsjust came out. I have several projects in the magazine this month. Above is my favorite of the projects. Hair sticks are just another way to add beads to your wardrobe, and we're all trying to do that right? I love to wear these. I just added some...

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Simply Beads copyright 2008

Here it is my other, and favorite project in the October Simply Beads magazine. I really like this necklace for many reasons and here they are:

1. It's lime green, a color that I am obsessed about.
2. My flower beads are some of my favorite beads that I make.
3. It has a really cool finding from Kristi Evenson of Coliebug beads.
I am...

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Simply Beads, Copywright 2008

Good morning,
I just got my copy of Simply Beads and I was happy to see my fall napkin rings were included. I have another project, which is a flower lariat, I am going to do a post about it tomorrow when I dig out my photos of it.

I am feeling very scatter brained today. As you know, I am in the middleof studio renovating. it's...

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