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Hey Hey! How are you? I'm having a hard time waking up today....still sleepy. I am sitting on my porch loving this fall air and drinking my coffee. Maybe I'm not sleepy at all, maybe I just really want to sit on this porch all day.

Today is a big sewing day. I just got samples of my Extraordinary Worldfabric that officially arrives next month. Right now, I just have tiny pieces called strike-offs....

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Hey Hey,

I got to go to the Aquarium this weekend. I was having a hankering for fish, not eating( I'm a vegetarian) but viewing. I love the colors and shapes of fish, sea plants, etc. I played like I was a really good mom and was taking the boys. But secretly, it was for me. The boys did have fun too.

It's funny how I am having a love hate relationship with water right now. I am still dealing with...

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Good Day! Yep, today is my Birthday. I got some pretty flowers this morning and some nice cards. Tonight is dinner out with the family and some friends. Also, I get to eat this yummy cupcake. We had a girls night earlier in the week and we all brought desserts. I made these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes with dark chocolate icing. Oh, they are so good. I saved one for today.

Beyond the usual...

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Hey there,

I don't know where the last two weeks have gone! Time is flying by and obviously I haven't been much of a blogger. But I am back now.

I goofed off this Friday and went to Atlanta with my friend Katie. We went to one of the international farmers markets and bought lots of food. I took the picture above while I was there. It's dragonfruit. How pretty are they? I didn't buy any though. I...

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