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Hello, Hello, Oh boy there's is a lot of work going on in the camper. We had a late night last night and I think it will be another late one tonight. It's doing along nicely, with just a few setbacks here and there. But before I get going on the updates from yesterday I wanted to share my Travel Trailer Necklace Project with you.

This is an easy one to put together and here's what you'll need.

1 Cer...

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Welcome back to Glamping Week. I had so many wonderful comments yesterday, I hope I can reply to them all soon. Lot's of you seem to have childhood memories of camping and that's really neat to hear about. We weren't campers or glampers so I have to admit when my husband tried talking me into camping it took a few years. I finally said yes, when he said we could camp at the beach. The beach is my...

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