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So I am a bit obsessed with notebooks. I always have one with me. They are great for jotting down ideas, lists, and more. These are four notebooks I had made at my local print shop. They are small and fit in your purse kind of notebooks measuring 4.25" x 5". I got some extras made up just in case you needed some notebooks as well. You can find them in the Jennifer Jangles shop and Etsy store.


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Welcome to Holiday Project Number Two! Here's the how-to......

Supplies Needed:
1 Ceramic Striped Tube Pendant
2-3 Faceted Czech Glass beads measuring 6-10mm in size
Approximately 6 inches fairy ribbon
1 brass eyepin 2 inches
3 brass jump rings 6mm
20inches brass chain
1 brass clasp

1. Slide the Czech beads onto the headpin. Finish the end of the headpin with a loop to match the other side of...

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They are here! I can finally spill the beans. This has been a top secret project for so long, that my family and close friends didn't believe it was going to happen. Four year ago, Michael's and I started talking about a potential line of ceramic beads. There have been a few delays and lots of back and forth approvals to bring these beads to each and every Michael's store.

Here's a cheesy picture...

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Hi There!
I have been working on some blog improvements, lots of updating, stuff that seems to get put to the back burner. One thing I have been meaning to get on the sidebar is a list of my tutorials with links to them. I have started my list. Don't know if I have them all but it's a start. Here's a list below....


Beady Bookmark

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How's it going out in blog land? It's alright here in Jennifer Jangles land. I just unloaded a kiln full of beads and buttons. I love to sort through all of the pieces when they have just come out of the kiln. It's fun to see everything. A lot of this will be shipped off but there are some beads in there for the Etsy shop, some buttons for the store, and some new work for playing around...

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