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Hi there! 
 I've been working on some new designs and I need some certain colors. Glazes are tricky things and if you don't have the exact color you need well then you have to mix it. Sounds easy enough, but here's where the problem lies. Glazes look different in the bottle than when they come out of the kiln. I spent yesterday finding finished glaze samples of the two colors I wanted to mix...

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Kilns 101

Hi everyone!
I have been a lot of questions lately about kilns. I guess that's because I have a book coming out in 18 days!!!! I can't believe it. I think people are getting excited about trying their hand at ceramic bead making. Above is a photo of one of my kilns loaded for a glaze firing. All of the beads have to be suspended on a high temperature wire or the glaze will stick to whatever it is...

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