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A while back I mentioned I was on a mission to make pillows for my couches. The first ones ended up on my porch. The second attempt became a tutorial but doesn't really fit on my family room couches. They say the third time's a charm and I guess that's the case here as well. I finally got my pillows made.

We still need more, I like all of the bright color, but at least these are a start. Notice...

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Painted Pillows

I've been on a bit of a pillow kick lately. My couches are really boring and Rhubarb in her puppy days had a thing for ball fringe. So any pillow I had is long gone. I challenged myself to make a new pillow every month this year. That way I would have a eclectic collection on my couches. I started last month with my crochet flower pillow. It ended up on a different couch. Hmm....

But this month...

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I posted pictures of these pillows last year just after Quilt Market. Since we were looking at the new pin cushion kits yesterday. I thought it would be nice to revisit these. I made these pillows just the same as I did the pin cushions. Actually, I made the pillows and then I thought a smaller version would be a super cute pin cushion. That's when "Pin Party" was born.

I am a sucker for...

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Here they are...finally. These are the pillows I made for Quilt Market. For some reason, my photo didn't make it to my computer when I took pictures at the show. I love these and they went straight to my family room when I got home. I love the felt balls sewn on the side and I guarantee you will be seeing more of that in future projects.

If you got my Holiday newsletter this week you found the...

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