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Good News, Bad News

Monday!, ugh...ugh, fighting a sinus infection here and not feeling so great. I also have some news that is probably going to disappoint some folks. Might as well deliver it as I am already feeling crummy.

 I am closing the gallery. Over the past year I have found that I am not needing that much space.  Katie, my employee, had an adorable baby Juniper, so she has been with me as much, and to tell the truth, I am not a big fan of fixed hours. I guess since I've been self employed for 15 years I am used to doing things when I want to do them. I have always loved working from home, I get to see my boys more and I don't mind wearing jammie pants all day.

However, I am going to miss all of the great people who have come in to the gallery. This was definitely the hardest part of making the decision. I have already promised lunches and get togethers with some. If I haven't seen you lately and you're just getting this news, please keep in touch. I don't want to say goodbye.

For those of you folks who aren't local....nothing else is changing. I will still be making beads and buttons, designing fabric and more. You'll just be seeing different studio shots.  If you read last weeks post about the new floor that's the start of a very big studio move.

I'm cleaning out as I go, I have piles for donating, for a garage sale, for Habitat, and for a de-stash sale. My piles are getting big, my home studio hasn't been organized in quite awhile. It's taking major reorganization to get it all back in one, well, two spaces.

More studio progress and pictures tomorrow...

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