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Hey, Hey, 528! That's my booth number at Quilt Market. I am always terrible about remembering my booth numbers. I had to look it up today(for the umpteenth time) to order my electricity for the booth. My mom taught me the "use a word three times and it's yours" technique. Did you know that one? If you learn a new word and use it in conversation three times then you will always remember that word...

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Hey, Hey, I am back! Whew, I really got back Wednesday, but I had to take a few days to rest and fight off a cold. I am rested and almost organized again. I was really excited to come to work today, and it's Monday. Anywho, Quilt Market was fantastic and I wanted to show and tell you all about it.....
My mom and I drove to Houston, it was about a 13 hour drive from Athens, GA to Houston, TX. I...

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