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Bead and Button is this weekend. It's the first one in ten years that I won't be at. But the good news is you can still get your hands on some of my beads. I'm always told they are much prettier in person. Maybe someday I can afford a staff photographer, ha ha dare to dream, right. Oh boy, I am totally digressing here. Glass Garden Beads will have a selection of my bead sets, charms, and pairs. I...

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It has arrived! All 28 bolts made it to the store yesterday wahoo! If you are not local I have heard from lots of quilt shops that theirs has arrived as well.

So lot's of changes going around at the store so I thought I would snap some photos. I have had a few big design deadlines and I am finishing them up. Lots of tweaking and cleaning up to be done on my fifth fabric line but the designs are...

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Hey, Hey,

I am back from the show. Whew! It was a great show as usual and I can't believe another year of Bead and Button has passed. Next year will be my ten year! I am going to have to do something special to celebrate.

I got back and unpacked from it all on Tuesday, cleaned up the studio and got slightly organized. I was in a happy state all day. Then I started my to do list. I am working on...

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Hello, Hello,

I am as ready as I will ever be for Bead and Button. I took a whole bunch of pictures and wanted to share what I have been up to. It's been busy as usual around here. I am super excited about the show this year. I have been working on some new work, some of for almost two years and it's finally ready to show off. I am going to unveil these new beads and things slowly this week. I...

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Quilt Market wrapped up and Bead and Button preparations began. Whew, not to mention that we had the end of the school year in the middle of that too. It's been slightly crazy around here.

Orders are wrapping up from Quilt Market and I am shipping a whole bunch on Tuesday. Wahoo and thank you Quilt Shops!

Yesterday I spent all day glazing beads. What? It is a holiday weekend? Not for me....

Beads are...

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