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I have a hard time not adding a flower or two to my work. I thought it would be fun to compile a list of my free flower projects. Scroll to the bottom for a Pinterest friendly list.


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Seriously, I don't know what happened but I hadn't updated my Sewing Projects list for a year! I did today and I think I tripled the number of projects that are over there. If you're reading this somewhere besides my blog, the sewing projects list is on the left hand side. There are now 31 projects, so I am thinking you might find something you want to make. :)

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Hi There!
I have been working on some blog improvements, lots of updating, stuff that seems to get put to the back burner. One thing I have been meaning to get on the sidebar is a list of my tutorials with links to them. I have started my list. Don't know if I have them all but it's a start. Here's a list below....


Beady Bookmark

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