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Studio Number 2

Please don't tell my husband, I'm taking over the house. Even though, I think he has pretty much figured this out, I'm not going to acknowledge it. :)

Remember this studio? This little room is supposed to be a workshop/tool storage room. It's off the side of out garage and is a funny shape. It's six feet wide and probably 20 feet long. It was Niks office, then my making and glazing studio, then Nik's office again, and now, yes, I'm getting it back. How did I swing this? I have promised a canned ham trailer for the backyard...someday........ for his office.

So anyway...Nik had the very smart idea of making this a design studio. This room has windows! My other studio does not and when you spend all day there it can make you crazy. I spend a lot of time on the computer, so why not put my painting and computer in the room with all of the windows. So I decided to make this room my "creative studio" This is where I will come to be inspired to design and paint. I have decided to do it up fun and maybe not so practical as my other areas.

When Nik had the place as an office the second time, he painted the walls and the floor. I was originally going to paint but on a whim, decided to leave it how it is. I did add a little more color. I painted the trim this yellow/chartreuse color. It's the color of our family room, I also found enough trim board from the previous owners to trim out the room. Wahoo!

More on that ceiling's the reason Nik moved out.

Have a good day,
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