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My new "Pickles The Elephant" sewing pattern just came out this week! Elephants usually go wild for peanuts but you can guess what this elephant likes. So I figure if your sewing up Pickles the Elephant, she might need some pickles as well. Here's the free tutorial and you can print the PDF version here.

Supplies Needed: 

4" x 6" rectangles of green felt, a lighter green embroidery floss, a sewing...

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Elmore is headed your way from the north pole. You say penguins usually live at the south pole?  This guy took a plane(penguins can't fly) to the north pole. He resides there with all of Santa's Elves. He helps with all of the outdoor duties like hanging Christmas lights. He likes the cold.

When you print the PDFyou'll see a logo from Fairfield Fiberfill, that's because this pattern is going to be...

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Today I have a tutorial for you! There are a lot of folks out there terrified of putting zippers in bags. I promise you, this is an easy, easy method. There are lots of photos to follow so sit back and enjoy the project.


2 rectangles measuring 5" x6" in the outer fabric
2 rectangles measuring 5" x 6" in lining fabric
9" zipper or longer
9" 1' ribbon
7" ball trim
1.5" split ring(key ring)

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