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Hey, Hey, Happy Tuesday! I am so happy to show you my four new Jennifer Jangles Sewing patterns. They are available in print and in PDF form and they are shipping now. 

My goal for this round of sewing patterns was quick and easy. I know I love a sewing project that I can complete in an hour or so and I wanted to provide some of those as well. 

The Class-y Storagepattern above is a great way to...

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I have a sewing pattern called Otis and Rhubarb. Otis was named after my dog. I needed a girl name for a dog so we decided on Rhubarb. 

You've seen Otis on the blog a few times before. He's who I talk to during the day when I am working in the studio by myself. I know...the glamorous life on an artist, right? 

  Nik and I went out on a date last Saturday night, we were out of Gerbil food so before...

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I am STILL getting ready for Quilt Market. Yesterday I put the booth together for one last time. I am happy with how it has turned out so I started packing it up. I will be driving this time so there's a lot to fit into the car. My fingers are crossed that it all fits.

I still have to sew one of these

 Three of these

 and one of these

Then my sewing will be complete. Now buttons for sample spree are...

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