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Yay! Camper Glamping Week! Yes, I named it Camper weekbut I just didn't like the sound of it and so I made the executive decision to change the name to Glamping Week. I've got all sorts of fun stuff for you this week and I have LOTS of work this week. Let me catch you up just in case you missed something. We bought a vintage Serro Scotty Camper to redo and take out west this summer on a trip. You...

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Oh yea! It's going to be camper week next week. I am super excited. Sometimes I feel like I live a double life because I have to work on projects that you don't get to see until finished. Other times, I wish I showed you more of what I was working on but I just get going and forget to snap photos. But next week things will be different, I am declaring it Camper Week. Why you ask?

First, I have been...

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Hello! It's been awhile. I have been busily working behind the scenes to get scarf kits made up. I kind of disappeared from social media during it all. Good news, they are back in stock! I thought I would give you some studio snapshots of the process of it all. Plus, since I haven't updated you on Lucy, our vintage Serro Scotty camper, I thought I would throw in some pics of it as well.

First of...

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