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It's been a month and a half since we've been back from our vacation but I haven't had a minute to upload any pictures. So better late than never right? I won't post all 1014 pictures but I will show you a...

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This little hanging basket is perfect for storing your cell phone, headphones, keys or other small but very important accessories. Hang it on a doorknob, a hook, or a bedpost to keep those necessities handy.

Supplies needed:
9" x 12" outer fabric
9" x 12" lining fabric
9" x 12" heavyweight fusible interfacing
6" ribbon
2 buttons
Coordinating thread

Click here to get the pattern. Or you can click on this...

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Welcome back to Glamping Week. I had so many wonderful comments yesterday, I hope I can reply to them all soon. Lot's of you seem to have childhood memories of camping and that's really neat to hear about. We weren't campers or glampers so I have to admit when my husband tried talking me into camping it took a few years. I finally said yes, when he said we could camp at the beach. The beach is my...

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