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Yes, It's book is available. It's even early! I am so excited. If you ordered from me it's on it's way. If you ordered from Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Lark books, or anywhere should be on it's way. I know that a few people have received there books already. Before I show you a comment I received, I want to say.....I spent a lot of time coming up with projects and...

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Kilns 101

Hi everyone!
I have been a lot of questions lately about kilns. I guess that's because I have a book coming out in 18 days!!!! I can't believe it. I think people are getting excited about trying their hand at ceramic bead making. Above is a photo of one of my kilns loaded for a glaze firing. All of the beads have to be suspended on a high temperature wire or the glaze will stick to whatever it is...

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