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You know I went to a bead show a few weeks ago and bought a bunch of beads. I got home and started to put them away and realized my pegboard was full of beads. I was running out of room! So I put up a wood shelf that was a board and a couple of brackets I bought at the hardware store. After I got it up I realized I could indeed get more beads on it. I bought some cup hooks and started screwing...

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Hey everyone,
Christmas was good to me, I hope it was good to you. We ate, drank, and were merry for four days straight. I think I mentioned before we had ten people at our house for the holidays. All of my family and Nik's. It was a ton of fun and they have all decided that they will be back next year. We did agree they could come back. As always, as soon as the long break was over I was itching...

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