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Holiday Project #9 - Trimmed Gift Size Stocking Tutorial

Holiday Project week 9 is upon us, doesn't the time fly?
Today's project is the perfect size stocking for holding gifts. It's about 8" wide x 11" tall, you could fill it with candy, toiletries, small toys, etc. Since it's for gift giving, were going to skip the lining and make the cuff from felt, that makes this a fast pattern if you want to make more than one. You can find the printable pattern here.
You'll need fabric for the stocking, the heel and toe, felt for the cuff, and trims.


First, cut out two of the stockings with right sides facing.  


Cut out on heel and one toe and either pin or fuse them to the front side of the stocking.



Next top stitch the fabric to the stocking. I used one of my decorative embroidery stitches for fun. Top stitch some trims to the stocking front as well. Notice I followed the curve of the toe piece when attaching the lower trims.

I didn't get a picture of this step, so I worked it up on the computer. Align the top edges, with the right side facing up on the felt. Sew across the top. Repeat for the back for the stocking as well. Press open.

Place the right sides together.

Fold a 2" piece of ribbon and tuck in at the top of the stocking fabric and pin. This is your hanging loop. Follow the stitch lines on the cuff pattern piece. Stitch by angling in away from the edge of the felt. By the time your ready to stitch the fabric part of the stocking, you should be using a 1/4" seam allowance to sew around. 

Trim any loose threads and fold the cuff over. You're finished!



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