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Holiday Project #8 Wonky Tree Wall Quilt Tutorial

Happy Holidays! Here's fun wonky block wallhanging for you. You can make these trees any size. These blocks are about 5" x 7", but you could make one big one and decorate it with ornaments. Or what about making the trees and turning them in to ornaments? So many possibilities.

To make the four blocks for the wallhanging, you'll need four fabrics. Cut them all the same size and about an inch or so larger than you want the finished block to be. I cut these 6" x 8". 

  Stack all four of the blocks together and with a rotary cutter, cut the bottom of the blocks off. This rectangle you cut off will end up having the trunk, so cut it at the height you would like the trunk to be.

 Cut the strip into thirds, keeping in mind the middle section will be the trunk.

Angle the ruler and cut a diagonal in the top portion of the block. When you choose where to cut, keep the ruler at least a 1/4" in from the raw edge. This will keep your tree points in the sewn block. You can see I moved mine in even more to be safe.

Cut a second angle to make the second side of the tree. You should have pieces that look like this. 

 On your work table arrange four blocks mixing up the fabrics you have cut. 


To assemble the blocks, start with the last angle you cut. Place the right sides together and sew a 1/4" seam.

Press open and then sew the remaining angle the same way. 

 Sew the two side pieces and trunk together in a row. You should now have two pieces looking similar to this.

 Sew the top of the block to the bottom. Press really well.


Trim the edges of all four blocks to make rectangles that are all the same size. Sew together, quilt and bind if you are making a wall hanging. Hand stitch the buttons onto the quilt.

If you're making a ornament, decorate your tree by sewing on any embellishments you would like. Cut a second rectangle the size of the block. Place right sides together. In between the two layers pin trim of desired and insert a ribbon loop for hanging. Pin on all sides. Stitch around outer edge, leaving a 3" gap on one side for turning. Turn, fill with fiberfill and hand stitch closed.

Have fun!

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