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Monday!, ugh...ugh, fighting a sinus infection here and not feeling so great. I also have some news that is probably going to disappoint some folks. Might as well deliver it as I am already feeling crummy.

I am closing the gallery. Over the past year I have found that I am not needing that much space. Katie, my employee, had an adorable baby Juniper, so she has been with me as much, and to tell...

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Morning y'all!

Long time no's that time of year where I am busy, busy trying to wrap things up with the holiday projects, do my own Christmas shopping, and run the gallery. It all caught up with me this weekend and I have a cold. Spent Sunday in bed and I feel like I'm on the mend but my voice is still a mess. I can either whisper or yell, there is now in between voice. Ugh...

I'm not...

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  Hello, Hello,

Man, I have been meaning to blog all week but the batteries were dead in my camera. I could never do a post without a picture. It took me until today to remember to charge them. But now they are good to go. I quickly snapped a few shots around the studio for this post. I'm going to take more pictures later today and then I will be good to go for blogging again.

So what's up? Happy...

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Hi all! I hope you had a great summer, I know I did. There have been lots of big changes at the studio and gallery. My hours haven't been very regular because of travel and the re-do that's been going on. I am happy to let you know the studio is expanded, organized, classes are scheduled and we are ready to go! Wahoo!

Starting September 6th, 2011 the regular studio hours will start and here...

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