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Holiday Projects, A Must Read

They are coming! Yippee... I wanted to have one of those countdown clocks telling you exactly how many weeks, days, minutes,etc. that were left until the first project would go out. But it turns out, I am having some java script issues. It's not serious...I'm going to be alright. :)

I am going to do it the old fashion way. October 6th is the day! That means there are only 27 days until they start! Wahoo again!

If you aren't familiar with my annual Holiday Project newsletters then I will give you an idea of what you're in for. If you have always received my holiday newsletters, I advise you keep reading because there are new things being added this year. First of all, this is my fourth year of projects. I think I might do bullet points for the rest of my explanation.... Here we go.....

                  * A new project every week for ten weeks, to get you prepared for the holidays
                  * New work every week
                  * A sale or special every week just for newsletter subscribers
                  * Freebies
                  * A give a way every week
                  * Lots of fun!

You say you need to be on the mailing list? Sign up here at the bottom of the page. To entice you a little more, any new subscriber between now and October 5th will receive a coupon for 25% off your first order. Once you sign up I will e-mail you the code.If you already are a subscriber and your bummed about not getting the about a giveaway to cheer you up?

Leave me a comment here at this post and you will be entered to win a big ol' stash of New Holiday beads. They are beads that will be debuting in the first newsletter so unfortunately I cannot show you the prize. But above are some snowmen and trees to fill in their place.

I will randomly choose a winner for the give a way on October 6th.

When you leave me a comment, I want to hear....are you making your holiday gifts? Will you be sewing or beading them? I love, love, love to read what you're up to so thanks in advance for the comments....

Have a great day,

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