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Good morning...
Before I get started on this post, I have to say I was glued to the inauguration yesterday. It was fabulous and it feels good to have a new president. Wasn't Aretha's hat the best? I think I was drooling as she sung, I liked it so much. I wish I could pull something off like that.

I was asked to be a sponsor for the Bead Cruise 2009. I was honored to be asked, plus it just sounded...

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Kit Packaging

As promised here is my kit packaging. I am so happy with how they turned out. These boxes have a clear top and are black on the sides. Then I had a whole bunch of Jangles ribbon left from another jewelry project so I combined that with some bright colored ribbon and voila, I have my kits. They are so fun all out on a table together. I can't wait to see them in my display at Bead and Button.

I am...

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