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Hello, Hello,

I'm back from market and what a great trip it was. I couldn't have asked for a better show. I met a lot of great folks and we have some good stuff in the works. I took some instagrams of my booth and posted them through facebook and twitter. If you didn't see them, I took some photos with my other camera too. I wanted to get out and take other photos but it was just too busy.

Now that...

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Today is packing day! I am so ready to get everything in the car and take off. Got my fingers crossed that it all fits. If not we have a cargo box for the top and a cargo carrier for the back, one way or another it will make it to Kansas City.

As I write, I am waiting on one last kiln to cool down so I can get the rest of the buttons that I need. After I unload it I am heading over to the studio...

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