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Welcome to Holiday Project Number Two! Here's the how-to......

Supplies Needed:
1 Ceramic Striped Tube Pendant
2-3 Faceted Czech Glass beads measuring 6-10mm in size
Approximately 6 inches fairy ribbon
1 brass eyepin 2 inches
3 brass jump rings 6mm
20inches brass chain
1 brass clasp

1. Slide the Czech beads onto the headpin. Finish the end of the headpin with a loop to match the other side of...

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Happy Friday! Or at least Happy Friday to those that are reading this post today, if it's Monday and you're reading this ouch....there's another five days till it's Friday again. :)

Just popping in to say hello. I am in the midst of sewing new patternprototypes. I've got so many going at once I can barely keep track of what it is I am sewing. I do like it that way though. Because when I am sewing...

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Hey, Hey, I highly recommend you hop on over to Carmi Cimcata's blog Resin Crafts. She made a couple necklaces using my ceramic bezels and they are fabu! I just love the colors and the retro look. The one shown here is pink but the other is lime green, which happens to be my favorite color.

I just all of the bezels I have made to the Etsy shop, you can find them there if you want to make a...

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