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Hello, Hello,

This is the purse I am currently carrying. It's my Lottie Dot Bag Pattern with black bamboo handles. I love this bag pattern because you can use almost any type of purse handle on it and it looks good. I didn't include the other handle instructions in the pattern but I wanted to show you how I did it here.

But first a close up of the yummy flower pins :)

Okay, now to the tutorial. The...

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Having a hard time waking up today. Yesterday I spent the day working in the yard, I trimmed bushes, used the chain saw to take down some bushes, weeded, mowed, and cleaned things up. Nik, who usually does these kinds of things with me couldn't help. He's got a torn tendon and a couple of buldging discs. He's got one arm strapped to his side in a brace so he doesn't move it.
I have...

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Hey, Hey....

I am taking a quick break from my booth building to let you know my patterns are on their way! Yipee! I have two new ones to tell you about. First is the Lottie Dot Bag. Can I tell you how much I love this bag? Remember this one? Well here it is spiffed up. It's super roomy because of the front pleats but it's not overwhelmingly huge to carry. There are soooo many options to make this...

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