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The Art Fair

Whew! What a weekend, I remember why I stopped doing art fairs, they are a lot of work. I had a lot of fun even though, I was working hard. Here are the pictures of my booth from the weekend. I think the display turned out all right since I really didn't have a complete plan. Usually, I set things up in my house first to get everything the way I wanted it. I was winging it this weekend.

All in...

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Hey there,

My friends came over yesterday and saved me. I am still amazed at how much jewelry we got made. We got things priced and bagged and boxed and ready to go. I am feeling pretty good about how much I have for the show. You know there are always more things I would like to make, but that will have to wait until next year. I have everything in boxes and ready to be loaded into the van, I am...

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Today is pretty much it for getting ready, my Friday is booked with appointments. I have a big fat kiln load of beads just waiting to be made into jewelry. Plus piles all over my studio. I can't believe I will be showing you on Saturday what my studio looks like. You won't believe it. Anyway...there is no possible way for me to do it all by myself. Well, I could do it by myself, but I...

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This is going to be a super quick post today, because yikes, I have a lot to do still. Yesterday I worked on bags and wallhangings. I finished up 11 bags and got about half way through on my wallhangings. Today the day is going tobe spent in the glaze studio, glazing all the beads I possibly can for jewelry. I will let you know how that goes tomorrow...

Have a great day,

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Hey there! I told you Friday I was painting...and here's the proof. Whew! It was a long day but I got lots finished. Above are my wood plaques for my wall hangings. Below is the fabric I painted for more bags. I love painting with paint, it's instant gratification. I don't have to wait on the kiln to fire.
While I have been working I have been thinking about my display. I will write more on that...

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