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Bathroom Redo

Hey, Hey,

Remember waaaay back when, March 22nd to be exact. I started my bathroom redo. We painted it red. It's a really pretty red but it's a pretty small bathroom. It turns out there is a bit of a red glow to the place. We were puzzled with what to do. Did we re paint? Add a second color? How do we conquer the glow? Well after a few months of living with it, we all decided we liked it.

I went...

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We here at the Heynen house are down to our last rooms that are still "builder beige". We have been slowly working on out family room all winter(pictures coming soon). But now that it's spring we usually go outside and work on the garden and porch area. We have a plan for the bathroom so we decided to squeeze in one last indoor home improvment project. I wanted to take some before pictures...

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Wow, I usually post my Bead Surfin posts on Sunday, but I am not sure what happened yesterday. The day just kind of disappeared. Today will just have to be a double post day.

It is officiallythe end of the garden here. I tore out all of my basil plants and plucked all of my leaves of. I love pesto, it might just be my favorite food. I had 15 basil plants in our garden because of this. I have...

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