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Hey, Hey, Happy Tuesday! I am so happy to show you my four new Jennifer Jangles Sewing patterns. They are available in print and in PDF form and they are shipping now. 

My goal for this round of sewing patterns was quick and easy. I know I love a sewing project that I can complete in an hour or so and I wanted to provide some of those as well. 

The Class-y Storagepattern above is a great way to...

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 Hey Hey, My new patterns have just arrived! They are in the Etsy shop as well as the Jennifer Jangles web store. There are four in total but you might have seen one or two of them before. My pattern up there, is a pattern for quilted bags that you can make in six different sizes. When I designed it I was thinking it would be really cool to make the weekender bag(the largest) and fill it with...

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It's here! Okey Dokey the Owl was a huge success and he had to go to the printers for a second time. Wahoo sold out!  I decided if he was headed there maybe some of his friends should join him as well. So Okey Dokey and Friends was created. This is a super fun quilt to make. I had a ball putting together the fabrics for this quilt. These are all from my Extraordinary World fabric collection.


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