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 Good Morning! I guess I shouldn't say that because you could be reading this blog post at anytime. I just happen to be writing this at 7:00 AM while drinking my peppermint mocha. Yep, I start my peppermint mochas as soon as I start my holiday projects. Number two is coming to your inbox tomorrow!

We here at the Heynen's are all decked out for Halloween. I took so pictures but they were so fuzzy so...

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We've got our Halloween costumes assembled and parts made. This year I will have a vampire and a Team Galactic guy. It's an evil Pokemon team leader for those of you who are wondering.

My mom was here and she decorated the porch. I am not a huge fan of Halloween, you should know that by now. I would rather jump straight to Christmas. But the other houses in the neighborhood were not...

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Kiln Load

Hey, Hey,
This is always what happens, I get something new out of the kiln and I am super excited to show you. But, of course, I haven't photographed it yet. I got to open the best kind of kiln this weekend. It was one full of new stuff and experiments. I was happily surprised at many things. Unfortunately, I can't show them off yet. A lot of it was for my holiday projects and then there were some...

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