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Hey there! Thought I would snap a few shots around the studio here. I have been making lots of jewelry to send off to a gallery that carries my work. They are gearing up for the holidays so I want to get them stocked up before I get too busy to think straight. I love these earrings, I had so much fun putting them together. I have to admit, I keep taking pairs for myself. The gallery will get some,...

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Hello and Happy Friday!

Just wanted to "drop" in for a quick hello and show you my drop earrings. If you received my newsletter yesterday you saw the new O pendant and wire wrapping tutorial. These are my earrings to match. I have been wearing these a lot since I made them. I am thinking I will need a few more pairs in other colors.

Have a great weekend,

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Mama's got a new pair of earrings! These are my snazzy new start earrings, just whipped them up today and they will be worn tonight. It's girls night out.

If you need the supplies for a pair of snazzy star earrings or a pendant, I just listed a few in the Etsy shop.

Have a great weekend, whatever you are doing!

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New Earrings

Remember last week when I was unloading my kiln with all my new beads? I said I would make myself something and I did just that. I would have liked to make more but hey at least I got a pair of earrings. These hoops actually started out as an accident. I was making hoops for an order and I went to pick one up and it was still wet, well it squished into an oval. I started to throw it out and then I...

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Good Morning,
I made it out yesterday to take my photos, It was beautiful so I had my light tent up and was taking these pictures along with some Etsyphotos. I went inside for a minute and out of no where it started puring down rain. It didn't stop for a few hours. My tent and backdrop papers were soaked, along with Otis who was helping with the shoot. He was due for a bath anyway, so I went ahead...

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