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This is my third post in my Opening a Gallery Series. This is what I think is the fun part of owning a gallery. What to sell and how to display it. It is more challenging than I expected. I like to make everything. I am still finding out that sometimes you have to buy displays and products, let me explain...

I started out making absolutely everything in my gallery. Painted pottery, wall hangings,...

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Hi there, I spoke in my last post about obtaining a gallery space. I moved in and didn't open the gallery portion until three months later. My top priority was getting the studio part of the space up and running. It was a lot of work getting tables, equipment, and storage in the right place for working. Once things were running as smoothly as possible, I could focus more on the store.


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Heather asked me to do a series of posts on opening a gallery over at the Art Bead Scene Blog. At first I was a bit hesitant to do this. I have felt out of my element this past year getting it up and running. I have a much better grip on things now and am ready to take you on the journey of opening a small gallery. By no way am I an expert, this is just my experience.

I found everyone has a...

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