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Holiday Project #10 Ice Skating Snowmen Cupcakes

Snowman Toppers
Here's a fun project to do with the kids while they're on break from school. Bake up your favorite cupcake recipe and give them some ice-ing... get my joke there? Sprinkles are a must for all cupcakes, so add those too. 
To make the snowman topper picks. Print the toppers page on a sheet of sticky backed label paper, crack n peel, etc. I actually had mine printed at my local print shop because my printer was on the fritz the day I needed them, and they really turned out nice so I would probably have them printed there again. 

Here's what you'll need.
The topper sheet, a piece of card stock, toothpicks, and scissors. Depending on how many cupcakes your making, you might need more toppers printed, etc. but I'm sure you'd figure that out.
Roughly cut out a snowman and peel the backing off the sticky side. Place the stick about an inch up onto the label. You'll notice on the topper page, there's an arrow showing you where to place the toothpick, use that as a placement guide.
Stick the snowman to the card stock, be sure to place the skate with the toothpick coming out of it on a flat edge of the card stock so you don't have to trim it.
Trim around the outer edges of the snowmen. Place them in to he tops of your cupcakes and you're all set.
Happy Holidays!

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