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This weeks question comes from Teri at S&T Creations

How do smaller jewelry makers locate and develop relationships for wholesale purchases?  I know some places where I can get good "deals" and we do have a Tax ID for wholesale, which helps.

But I'd love to find those unusual, out of the way, different sources for the unusual beads that are so striking. I see them at bead shows. I know companies can...

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Hey, Hey, Here we go for the second ever "Ask Me Anything" posts. I have gotten some great questions, keep them coming, I plan to keep answering them.

This weeks question is from Susan, She Asks...

Hi Jennifer - I have been a big fan of your work for several years. You always seem to have new products/ideas and I am interested in your creative process - how you keep your creative muse charged up?...

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Hello, Hello, Whoa...big day, I am choosing three winners. I had loads of comments on both posts, thanks! I appreciate hearing from you. Trust me on this one, I promise I used the random number generator, I just don't know how to post a picture of it like all those other bloggers do.

The winner of the Holiday beads is Bev. One issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Gifts goes to Crystal for her comment and...

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