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Vintage Travel Trailer Renovation Updates

Hello, I'm back with more camper updates. Things are moving along quite nicely with my camper. I still don't have a name, I keep wanting to call him Sunny though. I don't know why I think my camper is a him, especially when it will most likely be decked out in flowers. Time will tell on the name.

But anyway, we were up in Indiana visiting family a few weeks ago and it just happens that my home town of Kokomo, IN is a hop, skip, and a jump from Peru, IN. And what's in Peru, you ask? It's like the mega store for vintage camper parts. I've shopped online with but there online store is nothing compared to their actual business. 

The picture above is on their lot, they restore vintage Spartans and Airstreams. They have a giant old house filled with room after room of camper parts. I have to admit, if it weren't for Beth taking Nik and I through I would have been a bit scared of the old place. The cellar is where they kept their windows, the hallways was full of doors, another room full of lights, file cabinets were filled with handles and knobs, it was unbelievable. 

I got a window that will go in the kitchen where the air conditioning is now. And I found the perfect table! It was meant to be. I really wanted a white and gold glitter flecked table like my old one in the Scotty. I have only seen 1 table online for sale and it was too small. I was in search of a large table. Since I will be painting and crafting in the camper, I wanted it as big as would fit. They had two tables at the store and one was a perfect match. It's 30" x 36" and look at those gold glitter specks, just like Lucy had. 

Right now it sits in my studio but soon it will be in the camper.

As for the actual campers progress, I have a floor! The back end was gone when I purchased it, so I have been spending my time building supports and getting it anchored back on the base. 

This weekend I was able to put down aluminum flashing. I caulked all of the seams and then laid down 2 x 4's. 

The last thing I did Sunday evening, was install a 3/4" plywood floor. Eventually flooring will go over the top of this, but what will go down is undecided at this point.

So yay! half of my camper is sturdy. Now on to the other, not so sturdy half.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, the other half of the camper floor will now need to be prepared. You can't tell in this picture, but the counter and cabinets slant to each side pretty badly, it's because the corners are rotted. I'll start digging around this weekend and let you know what happens.

This is what the floor looked like when you step in the camper. 

I pulled it up to find this.

I got out all of the rotted wood. The metal flashing is salvageable.

Heres the old propane heater, it will stay because I can't bother taking it out, but I would never dare use it. I'll stick with an electric space heater if I need one. 

While I was up in Indiana I got to hit up a few of my favorite antique places as well. I scored some Pyrex dishes and a few Bakelite items.

I might have hit on a color scheme in the process of buying up goodies.

My instagram is JenniferJangles if you want to see how the vintage camper is coming on the weekends when I work on it.

Have a great day,

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