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Jennifer Jangles...The Store

Happy Monday morning to You! Oh boy what a weekend. Saturday was my birthday. Since it was my day, well really my weekend, I asked all the boys to help me work on the new shop. I had lots of building and fixing that needed to be done. They were all things I was avoiding and I figured with some help we could knock them out. Well we did and I got a new floor for the gallery. I also bought some fixtures, they are be painted as we speak and I will give you a bigger peek tomorrow. But back to the floor...isn't it great? It totally makes the space, I am super excited about it!

As you can see we are all up to our eyeballs in work here. Not to mention, I am working on some very big top secret projects, and I will be exhibiting at the local quilt show in a couple of weeks. That totally sneaked up on me. Whew!

I will be back tomorrow with a thorough sneak peek.... have a good one,

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