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Gallery Sneak Peek

Hey,'s coming together. I am so excited on how it's turning out. There is so much going on with web updates, sign permits, credit card services...oh I could go on and on, it's going to be awhile before there is something to sell in this place.

But for now here is a tour of my very pretty but empty store. The picture up top is of my new counter. Built it all by myself. Behind the counter is my chalkboard that is painted on the wall.

This big ol green board is what you see when you walk into the store. It will eventually have signs, magazine articles of mine, new fabric swatches and designs, etc. It's kid of the "what new in the Jennifer Jangles world" bulletin board. The bulletin board is 4' by 8' and I scored it for 30.00 at the Habitat restore! How cool is that?

Turn right after the bulletin board and you're in the studio and gallery. I think I have the store fixtures where I want them. I decided on lots of white and lime green. The girls and I are in loooove with my shade of green, it's the perfect lime green or at least we think it is. The main fixtures are all white to show off my work.

Lime green tables...

Jewelry case and bead display...

Another little nook with a display....

So let me know what you think. I will show you some work when things start coming out of the kiln. And one of these days soon I will have an actual grand opening date.... the commitment is scaring me!

Have a great day,

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