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Good morning!

Finally, work in the Etsy shop. wahoo!

So we made it through the first day of school. Everyone was a little tired and grumpy last night.
But the boys were up early this morning and excited about going to school again, whew! Fletcher even set his own alarm fifteen minutes earlier than usual so he could get up and shower before us. It was great, but really, is that...

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It's official, I will be opening my doors on March 1st! Eeek! I am super excited and still have tons to do. We're making good progress in the studio this week and I am feeling like it will all get done. Above is the official information, address, etc. Just in case you want to come visit, please do. I am looking forward to meeting people in person. So much of my business is online and it's going to...

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Good morning y'all...

Just wanted to give you a bit of a store update. I am knee deep in getting it ready. I have projects all over my home and studio. I don't know which way I am going there are so many things to do. Is it scary that my lists are now being written in a 11" x 14" notebook because it's the only thing big enough for it all?

I am bringing my camera to the studio tomorrow and I will...

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