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Bead and Button and a Winner

Hey, Hey,

I am back from the show. Whew! It was a great show as usual and I can't believe another year of Bead and Button has passed. Next year will be my ten year! I am going to have to do something special to celebrate.

I got back and unpacked from it all on Tuesday, cleaned up the studio and got slightly organized. I was in a happy state all day. Then I started my to do list. I am working on three, yes three, top secret projects. They all have deadlines soon. I also have another trip on the horizon so I am on the train to stress-ville right now. Hopefully it's a short trip. :)

I wanted to show you some pictures of the booth. I took them on the first day and my lighting wasn't great so pardon the strange lighting. I then put my camera in my husbands computer bag so it would be safe. He took it to our friends house and it never made it back to the show. So the only photos I have are from the first day. Oops!

Last but not least, I got a ton of really great comments last week from all of my pre Bead and Button posts. 130 in all! Thank you so much. So I took all the names of the folks who commented and randomly chose a winner. And that person is.... Jen! I am going to send you some of my new flower stackers. Yipee! Jen if you're reading this, I just e-mailed you, check your in box.

One more thing....the Etsy shop is being filled up as we speak, new things all week thanks to my lovely assistant Katie. She is working like crazy to get us back on track and organized. I will post more about new things coming soon.

Have a great day,

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