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Tussie Mussie Is Here!

It has arrived! All 28 bolts made it to the store yesterday wahoo! If you are not local I have heard from lots of quilt shops that theirs has arrived as well.

So lot's of changes going around at the store so I thought I would snap some photos. I have had a few big design deadlines and I am finishing them up. Lots of tweaking and cleaning up to be done on my fifth fabric line but the designs are wrapping up. With all of the wrapping up I am seeing time on the horizon for making more beads and filling the gallery.

One of the big changes at the studio is the end of kids classes. I am so sad about this one, but not surprised in the least. We were scheduled to have one more session before a summer break but baseball and soccer start in the next few weeks. They are such a great group of kids I will miss seeing them and their work.
Also, remember my word for the year? Clear. Well I had a couple hours last week where I found my self at the store with nothing to do. I started cleaning out the storage room. I have two new sewing patterns in the works and I have got to make some space for all of the boxes that will be arriving in a couple of months. Here's a pile of things to find a home for, yay!

I need to start working on my Quilt Market booth for May so I have been looking around to see if there is any space to set up a booth. It's really hard for me to plan a space when I can't physically walk around in it. And if I can find a space, it's the same size of my Bead and Button booth so I am playing around with new design ideas for it as well. I need to mix it up for that show as well.

What spring projects do you have going on?

Have a great day,
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