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Sewing Machine Necklace

Happy Friday! Or at least Happy Friday to those that are reading this post today, if it's Monday and you're reading this ouch....there's another five days till it's Friday again. :)

Just popping in to say hello. I am in the midst of sewing new pattern prototypes. I've got so many going at once I can barely keep track of what it is I am sewing. I do like it that way though. Because when I am sewing the prototypes, 95% don't turn out the first time through. It gets depressing if I spend an entire day sewing and get a bunch of ugly stuffies, bags, etc. This is my coping method, if I get one good pattern from the bunch, I am doing the happy dance. Wednesday I got one, so I did my dance, then moved on to glazing beads.

I've got more sewing machine pendants in the kiln today. They will hopefully join the others in the Etsy shop soon. Just waiting on the temperature to go down so I can open it up.

I hope everyone has a long Memorial Day Weekend. I've got plans for planting a row or two of the garden and a picnic, sound to me like a good weekend.

Have a great day,

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