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Okey Dokey Owl and Friends Applique Quilt Pattern

It's here! Okey Dokey the Owl was a huge success and he had to go to the printers for a second time. Wahoo sold out!  I decided if he was headed there maybe some of his friends should join him as well. So Okey Dokey and Friends was created. This is a super fun quilt to make. I had a ball putting together the fabrics for this quilt. These are all from my Extraordinary World fabric collection.

If you're just getting started in quilting, applique is a great first project. There's a lot of freedom in the way you assemble and sew your blocks, which means there's not a lot of exact measuring. :)

Also on another quilting note... This Monday I will be a guest on Pat Sloan's American Patchwork and Quilting Radio Show. Pat puts on a great show if you've never listened before. I love to listen on my iPod whiles I work. You'll be able to listen after the show is live as well. I'll be sure to get you a link as soon as it's available.

Have a great day,

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