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Bathroom Re-do and a Sneak Peek


We here at the Heynen house are down to our last rooms that are still "builder beige". We have been slowly working on out family room all winter(pictures coming soon). But now that it's spring we usually go outside and work on the garden and porch area. We have a plan for the bathroom so we decided to squeeze in one last indoor home improvment project. I wanted to take some before pictures but I ran to the grocery store and when I returned Nik had already started taping. I guess you just get to see the basics here.

We got a snazzy red paint for the walls and sanded and painted the cabinets a nice black. We used milk paint, I love that stuff. Nik would probably give me a hard time here, I am saying "we", but really he did all the painting, my work comes next.

It will probably be a few weeks before my part is ready, so check back in later for progress.

On to another subject here.... I am working on a newsletter today that will go out later this week. First of all, if your not signed up, go here and get on the list. There's going to be a coupon for newsletter receivers only. Tempting eh? Here's a little sneak peek of what's coming.

Have a great day!

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