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Gallery Opening

It's official, I will be opening my doors on March 1st! Eeek! I am super excited and still have tons to do. We're making good progress in the studio this week and I am feeling like it will all get done. Above is the official information, address, etc. Just in case you want to come visit, please do. I am looking forward to meeting people in person. So much of my business is online and it's going to be nice to put faces and voices with some of you.

Folks are asking for more pictures so here are some. You'll notice I have shown you some of these areas before. I keep rearranging to get everything to fit just right. There are still empty spaces but by next week, it will all be filled up!

You've seen this cabinet about three times...

Signs! They are going up in the next couple of days.


Beads, yep pretty empty right now, but not long and it will be bursting with beads.

Found object bracelets

Window shot

Hairbands, pictures, mugs, and more

Hope to see you soon,

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