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Hi There!
I have been working on some blog improvements, lots of updating, stuff that seems to get put to the back burner. One thing I have been meaning to get on the sidebar is a list of my tutorials with links to them. I have started my list. Don't know if I have them all but it's a start. Here's a list below....


Beady Bookmark
 Some of the beading tutorials can be translated into other beads.  For instance just above is my Swing Necklace Tutorial. I love this one and use it a lot. I used the same technique to make the Halloween necklace that I listed in Etsy yesterday. I like to keep thinks simple when it comes to beading. Hopefully you'll find some inspiration here.

As for the sewing projects, I only have two so far, but I am working on more as week speak. I am soooo happy I finally figured out the PDF file thing. Seriously my husband and I have tried so many times to make a PDF with a link it's my biggest accomplishment of the week or maybe month.

Besides that we're just chugging along here at the studio. Make, glaze, fire, repeat. :) I'm also getting ready for a talk next week. I will be giving a short run through of how I design fabric at the Lake Oconee Quilt Guild. I will also have a trunk show before and after the talk. Here's more information if your near and wanted to come. I am sure they would love to have you.

Have a great day!

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