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New Earrings

Remember last week when I was unloading my kiln with all my new beads? I said I would make myself something and I did just that. I would have liked to make more but hey at least I got a pair of earrings. These hoops actually started out as an accident. I was making hoops for an order and I went to pick one up and it was still wet, well it squished into an oval. I started to throw it out and then I stopped...I actually liked my mistake. I went on to make a matching oval for a pair. I still liked it a lot so I made some more. I just added them to my Etsy shop. I didn't stick with ovals, I made squares and tear drops too. In the listings I included the felt balls to make earrings if you want them to look like mine.

I have been wearing them ever since I made them and I have gotten so many compliments on them. Hey! I have them on now.

Have a great weekend,

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