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 Hey, Hey!

I am buried in bead and buttons glazing. I leave in less than a week for Milwaukee! I can't believe it. This will be my tenth year exhibiting at the show. My baby who is now nine years old was a newborn...six weeks old. I don't recommend trying to do your first bead show when you baby is six weeks old. What was I thinking? Wither way it was a great success and look ten years later, I am...

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Happy Monday!

My Etsy shop is driving me crazy! I am getting ready to do a big cleanout. I thought before I did it myself I thought I would give you a chance to clean it out. I am offering a 30 percent discount starting today and running through 9:00 AM Wednesday morning. Use the coupon clean30at checkout to receive the discount. I won't be adding anything new over the next few days so...

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Drops in Stock

Remember these? I just added some stock to the Etsy shop. And if you don't remember these then here is a link to the earrings where they were featured.

Speaking of featured, I just got my copy of the 2011 Beads Buyers Guide and I have beads in the guide. It's on news stands now.

Hope y'all are great out there....I am in crazy sewing mode this morning for Quilt Market that's next week! Yikes. I am...

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We here at the Heynen house are down to our last rooms that are still "builder beige". We have been slowly working on out family room all winter(pictures coming soon). But now that it's spring we usually go outside and work on the garden and porch area. We have a plan for the bathroom so we decided to squeeze in one last indoor home improvment project. I wanted to take some before pictures...

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Hey, Hey, Long time no's been a busy couple of weeks. I am happy to be going back to a routine this week. It was a relaxing break and that was something that I needed. It started out with snow the day after Christmas. The boys were thrilled my family, not so much. They were all headed out that day. Everyone made it safely home it just took a little longer than usual. I do hope that's...

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